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Let Lisa Huiberts take you by the hand into a world full of wonder.. We are #shop_lisahuiberts

Lisa Huiberts is a living- and jewellery brand, founded by Lisa Huiberts.

After her search for the perfect pillowcase, the crazy idea of creating it by herself popped up in her head. There was always something she wanted to do different; thinking of the fabric, the design, the stitches, something. As excited as she began on this journey, she loved every step of the process and after that she was hungry for more.

In the meantime her obsession for pearls grew and she was dreaming of making her own jewellery. From an early age she was always curious about the mysterious underwater world. Everything of the collection has it’s own special character whether it’s based on her fascination for the mysterious underwater world or for a Cabinet of Curiosities.

Her journey continued and before she realized it shop.lisahuiberts was born.

She designed everything by herself and create products that are fun, diverse and timeless. Her goal is to bring happiness into your life, so let’s have some fun together!

“We try to give our living- and jewellery products that je-ne-sais-quoi flair that is hard to find” – founder Lisa Huiberts

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